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We are a team of former students who decided to make something useful for the current students, and other words transfer our experience and acquired skills to the next generation of students. We did a review on to show you it’s advantages and disadvantages, and also to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the website. Our target is to show that before to use any writing website you need to check it. If you have no opportunity to test the company by yourself, you can just read this article.


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5 Edubirdie
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What services WritersPerHour company suggests to their customers?

  • Book and movie review
  • Coursework
  • Case study
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Dissertation
  • Academic report
  • Analysis paper
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Article and article review
  • Thesis
  • Term paper
  • Speech
  • Report
  • Research paper
  • Memo
  • Marketing plan
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Any type of an essay
  • Presentation
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Question – answer

You can also choose a citation style you need for your paper:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Oxford
  • Harvard
  • Chicago
  • Vancouver

This great list says that the company does not have a linear direction, but, on the contrary, tries to serve students of different faculty and courses. Moreover, they provide services not only for students but for school pupils and workers.


  • Free references and free unlimited revisions. It says that you can ask the writer to edit your paper as many things as you think it is needed. But it did not work on practice and become a big disappointment for us.
  • Follow deadline – and it is a truth, we ordered 3 different texts and all of them come to our email for free and on time.
  • 100% unique papers –  you can even request a free PDF plagiarism report, but unfortunately, we did not get it.
  • Professional writers (find more information about them in the author’s paragraph).
  • On WritersPerHour, you get a 100% money back guarantee. We think this is a fake feature because did not receive cash back when asked about this (but customer manager did not get a serious answer about why we can not get money back).


We all like this design and interface at all. Of course, there are some minuses and problems we found, but at general designers made a good work. When you first come on the website, you have no feeling that this is a fake or illegal company. As it usually occurs with many essays services.

Doing this review, we all agreed that we would give a good mark to this website’s interface and usability at all. Two times we had problems to find the needed information, but in the end, this problem was solved.

Price and Discounts

Making review, we for the first time found a unique web page for prices, where you can see a special table with all descriptions of costs and how their changes. Also, there is a calculator you can use to know how much different essays will cost you. It is very comfortable and useful feature for all customers.

There are 2 days to get a discount:

  • 15% off on the first order;
  • 20% off for regular customers.

Unfortunately, no one from our team of students did not find what you should do (or how many orders you should make) to become a regular customer. So we think they are cheating on the last discount.

Customer Support

Our team never get a profit of customer support from this company, and due to different reviews, we found out that many people think the same way. This website has a very bad support team. Mayhap the problem is not in the works but the connections between clients and help manager, it is still impossible to get qualitative help.


We all think that writers can work much harder and with better quality than we saw. We believe that most of them have a higher education, but we also believe, they not try to work harder. Mayhap their superiors making a scam deals and pay them much less than you pay for the website.


We should say that doing WritersPerHour review was a nice idea. We found a lot of interesting moments, and hope helped you a little with your future choice. This is just a middle website with average prices and services. You should not wait from this website something unique and unusual (instead of price webpage), but at the same time, this is legal company, and you can trust it.

+ Positives:
  • New and creative webpage "Price";
  • Middle price;
  • Interesting interface;
  • 100$ no plagiarism papers.
- Negatives:
  • Not always follow deadlines;
  • Slow customer support;
  • Lazy writers.

11 reviews for Students Review Of


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  1. Charles

    WritersPerHour is crap! There is no reason at all why you would even consider using this service – just stay away from them. Poor website, poor process, poor service, poor writers and poor quality essay! If you hadn’t guessed, I rate them POOR! Look elsewhere! Really, can’t say enough bad things about this company.

  2. Christina P. Sullivan

    WritesPerHour was recommended to me by a friend so I trusted their judgement and went ahead and got an essay through them. I am not sure if my friend had a different experience or just had lower expectations but I was really underwhelmed with the whole process. I thought the essay was super basic and nothing to shout about, I would not recommend them to anyone based off the back of the essay I received. I don’t know if this is the average thing to expect with paper writing services but I didn’t rate it.

  3. Jennifer Bobadilla

    WritersPerHour was not a good service. I didn’t get a good first impression from this company. I didn’t feel that the writers were genuine – I think they had writing experience, but I don’t think they were who they said they were in the profile pics etc. All seemed a little too contrived for my liking!

  4. Leandra G. Schuster

    WritersPerHour was OK I suppose – I would say its an average service. I haven’t got anything to compare it too, but I think I was expecting more from an essay writing service. I wanted something that would totally blow away my teacher and thats not what I got – it got me a pass though so I can’t complain really.

  5. Chang M. Cornett

    Average is all I can really describe WritesPerHour as. Everything was average, the spelling, grammar and the context of the essay. Again, quality of the writing was average. Nothing really stood out or let it down in any way. Just all very average. I even got an average score for the essay. I could have made changes but I didn’t because I just didn’t have the time. I was too busy focusing on revising for exams so I guess it served a purpose, and I passed which is all I wanted! I just needed that extra time to focus on exams instead.

  6. Adam G. Walker

    I used WritesPerHour for the first time and I am not happy with what I got. I thought the essay was rubbish. It did not read well and was all over the place. I defiantly could have written something better myself if I had of had the time. I was really annoyed with what I got sent. I would tell all my friends and other people reading this to not use WritesPerHour because they are rubbish. I am sure you can get better essays from other paper writing services so probably best to try them ones or write it yourself.

  7. Mary J. Grimaldo

    I used WritesPerHour and it was okay at best. The waiting time felt like forever so my expectations where constantly rising. So, when I received my essay, I couldn’t help but think what on earth took them so long?! It was pretty rubbish if I am being truthful. I would have expected something so much better for how long it took them! I would not use this site again because the waiting time was ridiculous as well as the essay was super poor quality. Such a shame really because I thought it could have been a good option to explore in the future.

  8. Barbara R. Bernstein

    I don’t know how these guys pay their writers but it certainly isn’t buy the hour! WritersPerHour was not a fantastic service. It was below par I would say. The website wasn’t the easiest to use and the process was a little convoluted. Moreover, the writer didn’t have in depth knowledge of the subject I was studying.

  9. Franklin A. Saliba

    WritesPerHour sent me my essay when it was ready and it was awful. It was barely related to the topic it should have been. I thought it was awful and I couldn’t even change it and make it work. I had to write the whole essay myself anyway so the whole process was completely pointless and just set me back further than when I started. I would recommend just writing them yourself to begin with because at least then you only have yourself to blame!

  10. Marvin F. Sevigny

    STAY AWAY FROM WRITERPERHOUR! They didn’t give me what I asked for or what I expected. I spent my money on a service that was sub par. I wanted a quality essay that would help me with my schoolwork, and thats not what I got! Find someone else for help!

  11. Betty C. Lee

    My review for WritesPerHour is not an overly positive one. I found the essay to be a bit boring and basic. Two things no one ever wants from an essay, especially one you have paid for out of your own money! I hoped it would be good because I had paid for it but I guess that’s the only reason I expected it to be good was because it was a paid for product. I would not use WritesPerHour again because I know I could write better than that myself. Il keep the pennies in my pocket thanks.

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