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There are not many options left when you realize that your paper or homework assignment has to be submitted on time but either have no time to complete it or simply don’t want to do it on your own. The wisest solution is to ask for help and many students prefer to enlist professional assistance at some writing service to be confident in success.

Are you wondering whether you should trust PayForEssay.net writing service? Our review is here to give you the answer!

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Website Review

In general, this writing service looks nice. The design is both convenient and nice looking. However, there is too much meaningless information contained on their website and numerous pop-ups are simply annoying.

PayForEssay Service Features Review

It is an essay writing service, which offers a variety of opportunities for school and college attendees – here you can order any type of essay, paper, document, and different sections of big projects. The list of available subjects is also big. However, this is the only big advantage of PayForEssay writing service we’ve found when we were working on our review.

PayForEssay.Net Review

In order to make our review look complete, let’s take a closer looks at some of the key features and specifics of PayForEssay.net essay writing service:

Prices and affordability – if you are wondering whether PayForEssay.net prices are affordable, we would say they are even cheap and there is a discount for newly joined users on their first order. However, low price is not a good thing if the quality is low as well.

Support for clients – there is a toll free number and a chat. Both means of contact of this writing service are supposed to operate around-the-clock, however, after the midnight it is getting quite difficult to reach them. Besides, whenever you open the website, you start receiving multiple messages with an offer to help you, which is not less annoying than their pop-ups.

Legitimateness and safety – is PayForEssay.net legit? Their writing service claims to be completely safe and legal, however, when making this review, we could not find accurate information about the laws under which it works or much info about the security measures they use. Thus, it is hard to say for sure if it is illegal or not.

Writing staff – PayForEssay writing service puts its writers, reviews about them, and ratings on display, which is good that you can see who is performing your orders. However, even an unexperienced user can suspect the writers’ photos provided in their personal profiles to be fake, also there is information about the experience of each writing expert. But this information goes without any proof. This makes you think that PayForEssay writing service is cheating on you.

Warranties – this writing service gives you five main guarantees: zero plagiarism, money back, quality, confidentiality, and timeliness. It looks like all PayForEssay.net reviews provided on their writing service confirm these warranties but we wouldn’t recommend you to take if for granted because once we decided to dig a bit deeper, we have found tons of negative reviews on the Web.

Result – the quality of the paper we have received was terrible. 45% unique, not informative, written in a poor English language, and full of other mistakes – this is not what you expect to get when you order your assignments from “expert” paper writing service!

Final Words

In a conclusion of our review on PayForEssay writing service, we would like to draw your attention to all the flaws of this service that we’ve discovered during our check, obviously they don’t have much benefits to compensate them. We can conclude that this essay writing service may not be a complete scam but it is 100% unprofessional and not worth your time or money, which is why we do not recommend students to use it to order their papers and give PayForEssay.net a low grade in our review!

Customer Support
+ Positives:
  • Service;
  • Cheap price;
- Negatives:
  • Unqualified support;
  • Fake writers;
  • Terrible quality;

12 reviews for Writing Service PayForEssay.net Review


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  1. Alice T. Peterson

    PayForEssay pretty much sums up the company. You pay for any essay – that’s it. Note the absence of any words such as “quality” or “professional”. The writing service was poor and the paper was really bad too. I think my 8 year old cousin could have written something better – not even joking! Go elsewhere for a paper writing service!

  2. Richard Cambell

    I got my essay from Pay for Essay and it was okay. The spelling was good and it met the word count but the rest was a bit muddled. So, I thought as a professional has written this it would be epic and it was so disappointing. I am not sure if I had put to higher of an expectation onto it but I was not overly pleased with what I received, which was a very basic essay. I could have written this essay and I am most defiantly not a professional! Really poor quality!

  3. Allen N. Duke

    I received my essay from PayForEssay in a reasonable time frame. It came in the way they stated it would. It had no errors such as spelling mistakes. The context was okay but lacked some quality to the writing style. The context was better than I could write but the way it was written was poor. Therefore, I went through it and changed it to a way that suited my writing style a lot more. The annoying thing with this is that it took me a while to get it to a place I was happy to submit it.

  4. John T. Bowles

    When I am paying for something, I expect a certain level of quality. I didn’t get this from PayForEssay. Unfortunately, I agreed the price and deadline and gave them the info – they got the essay back in time and within the guidelines. The problem was that it just wasn’t great – it just didn’t read 100% right if you get me? Try somewhere else!

  5. Annie B. Diamond

    I have never used an essay writing service before and I had heard a fare bit about them so I thought I would give it ago and see what happens. I don’t really know what I was expecting and I was pretty open to receiving anything as I had no standard to compare it too. It was a good essay but just lacked detail. If someone had put a bit extra information into, I think it could have been really good. All in all, I may use PayForEssay again if I knew I had the time to make the changes I wanted to.

  6. Mary D. Zook

    I used PayForEssay because I needed an essay and fast. I got behind on some course work and needed help. I thought this may be a good option to explore but I found it to be more hassle that it was actually worth. I paid for my essay and when I got it, I thought the quality was rubbish. I spent ages going through it and changing it to how I wanted it. I should have just written it myself in the first place and I probably would have saved time and money!

  7. Janet A. Munoz

    This is my review for PayFor Essay: I did what states and paid for an essay! I didn’t love what I received and I would not recommend it as it contained lots of spelling mistakes which was really annoying. I had to proof read all the work and double check it as I just found so many mistakes. The essay was actually alright but the spelling was terrible! I thought it would have been checked by someone to make sure that it didn’t have any errors but obviously not. I was really disappointed with this service.

  8. Carol K. Carrington

    PayForEssay is not what they advertise. Try somewhere else first for sure. I bet there are other essay writing services that actually offer a quality end product – can’t say that this company is one of them. The website was OK, just wasn’t sure about the writers and the essay quality. The sentences were well formed but not really anything groundbreaking.

  9. Scott E. Castillo

    Got on quite well with the PayForEssay papers writing service! I thought the writer could have been abit more engaging. They didn’t really ask me a load of questions – thought they would have asked more to get a better end product for me. The essay was not bad at all – it was well written and had good grammar, I think I expected more specialist text though.

  10. Vanessa D. Passarelli

    I used PayForEssay for the second time. I was super pleased with the results the first time so cannot help but feel let down this time. I was nowhere near as good as the previous one which makes no sense. Everything about it was different, the structure wasn’t as good. The context was nowhere near as in depth as before and the whole think lacked a lot of substance. I’m gutted as I thought I had found a good option for essay writing services but clearly not as they differ so much from time to time.

  11. Janie G. Massey

    Wow, didn’t realize that there were still companies who operated like this. PayForEssay is a sham. Not very good at all – the website is full of misleading statements and the writers are definitely not legitimate. I am not even sure if all the reviews that you see are real either – wouldn’t be surprised if they are all fake!

  12. Wesley J. Stephenson

    Having used PayForEssay for the first time I have to say I’m disappointed. I thought the essay was awful. I have never used an essay writing service before but I found the whole thing to be supper stressful. I think the reason I was expecting something good was because when you pay for a service you expect some kind of quality control and I didn’t think there was any. I would not use this service again hence the really low rating I have given to PayForEssay. I also would not recommend this service to friends or family.

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