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Our team did customwritings.com review to make an honest assessment. Everyone should understand whether students should use this essay service or not. This matter is vital due to the fact that we were students not long time ago, and 100% realized that sometimes there is no other way out, and you just need to order the essay or any other writing assignment.


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1 PapersOwl
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2 Edusson
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3 Paperell
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4 EssayBison
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5 Edubirdie
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Service and Quality

Writing customwritings.com review we tried to make a focus on the service itself and the quality of the work done – because, in the end, this is the most important thing.

CustomWritings suggest academic writing assistance:

  • Drafting an essay
  • Editing
  • Conducting research
  • Formatting

Web content and press release:

  • Articles
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Blog writing, posting
  • Newsletters
  • News writing
  • Corporate brochures
  • Presentations

I was generally satisfied with the delivered quality of the completed essay that we ordered. But there were a lot of unnecessary questions, clarifications, and as a result, a lot of time and effort was spent. And time is always a very valuable resource.

Price and Payment

When compared with PapersOwl the price here is quite cheap. But you should not forget that amid students such essay services like PapersOwl are very wide, and they have 100% quality. Making CheapWritingService review, we understand that customwritings.com has normal prices compared to other services.

Guarantees and Client Support review

We immediately noticed that online support needs to be improved. The operator gave answers to questions very distinct and not exact, and it took him/her a lot of time. Is this right for writing service? We do not think this way.

All essay companies giving almost the same guarantees, and we cannot check how customwritings.com legit is, and this made us little confused.

Writers and Popularity

There a not a lot of customwritings.com reviews on the internet, and most of them are not the best: some customers leave good feedback, but most of them have one or another issue. Most of the students worry about blackmail and cheating, It is hard for us to say about the scam, but still, we got not the best quality work, and was quite disappointed.

Writers are slow and hard to communicate. It is a big disadvantage for any online writing service.

Interface and Usability review

It is interesting, to some extent convenient and informative, that we really enjoyed being on the web pages. But still some information is not that easy to find, and some things are literally hard to understand.

The interface is nice, but we did not like old-fashioned fonts, and it looks like there are too many Icons that could not be inserted at all, or give them more functionality.


Once our own evaluation for this writing service looked completed and we have read other CustomWritings reviews, we came to a conclusion that other people have the same ideas. There are not a lot of disadvantages, but at some point, you understand that it’s just not convenient to be on the website. It appears to us that the best solution is still to use on more trusted websites such as Paperell, PapersOwl, etc. Sometimes you can pay more for a couple of dollars, but be sure of a positive result in the end. When we were students, we used only trusted portals, because it is important to pay and get an excellent essay or expert help.

Customer Support
+ Positives:
  • Normal price;
  • Nice interface;
- Negatives:
  • Unqualified support;
  • Poor Quality;

11 reviews for We Made A Professional CustomWritings.com Review


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  1. Josh Clark

    I got my essay back from CustomWritings and I think it was what I was expecting. I had hoped for a bit more but I thought it might be a bit basic and tried to keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment. I was able to submit the essay I received as it was and did not make any changes to it. I passed the course work which is the main goal but I think I secretly hoped for a higher grade to be awarded so I was gutted about that.

  2. Andrew L. Wilson

    CustomWritings? What a load of rubbish! Never seen such a terribly run business in all my life. I don’t know why I actually paid for this, such a waste of time. Oh well, at least I got an essay I suppose – not that I actually used it or sent it off for grading! Might try and sell it back to someone else haha!

  3. Gary B. Hoehne

    Custom writings delivered the essay to me on time which they stated. I was glad about this and thought we were on to a winner but when I read the essay, I can’t help but feel disappointed. The spelling and grammar where fine. So was the structure but the context was poor quality. I thought it would have made some good strong points but it just sorts of pointed out the obvious and skated over the rest. I had hoped for better quality from CustomWritings if I’m completely truthful. I was disappointed with the essay I had got.

  4. Robin M. Evans

    I needed an essay so went to CustomWritings and hoped for the best. Clearly hoping was not enough. The essay I got was mediocre at best and I was left feeling unsatisfied with the product I received. It was not very well thought out in terms of structure. The actual context was rather good quality but the structure was all over. I spent my own time rearranging the structure so it did not jump around all over the place. I expected a lot more for a service which is charging money for a service they deliver regularly.

  5. Samantha T. Fredericks

    I would strongly advise against using CustomWritings. The website was full of misleading quotes and information. Then you have the “writers” – not sure if they have ever even written an essay before! The woman who did mine certainly didn’t have a clue what she was talking about! The quality was really sub standard – expect much more from this essay writing service!

  6. Charles D. Youngblood

    I used CustomWritings because I had read decent reviews about them – the reviews must have been fake! I wanted a religious essay writing and they didn’t really do a good job at all. I guess the price was reasonable, but I definitely expect better quality. I would not use this essay writing service again in a hurry!

  7. Roger H. McCutcheon

    Not a bad service at all from CustomWritings! I don’t think it was absolutely out of this world, but it was certainly OK. If I were to rate it I would give it a solid 3 star rating. I think the writers looked like they knew their stuff but I certainly don’t think they were experts. I would use it again sure but I think there could be better services out there too.

  8. Colin Y. Williams

    CustomWriting is the first essay writing service I have ever used. I didn’t really know what to look out for or expect so I just went along with it and kept an open mind. The essay I got back came at the time they said it would and had all the things you would expect. It had an intro and conclusion with all the best bits in-between. It was of average quality but I am comparing it to my own essays and those which my friends have done. Nothing blew me away but nothing went wrong so I scored it in the middle.

  9. Joanne N. Reynoso

    This is the worst essay writing service I have ever used! I really hated the process as it seems so pointlessly dragged out and for what reason I’ll never know. The online support is practically non-existent so I had no one to answer all my questions. The help page was not very helpful so I had to figure it out on my own which I didn’t think was right. If I was to use a writing service again, I would pick one with a lot more support. I will not be using CustomWritings again in the future.

  10. Melissa F. Drayton

    CustomWritings don’t get my vote at all. I just had a bad experience with the service from start to finish. Maybe they could be better depending on the subject, but I expect their writers to be able to write about anything and everything – it’s their job afterall! Will not use this service or recommend it to anyone else for sure.

  11. Corey C. Hollowell

    I used Custom Writings for the first time and received the essay in a good time frame. However, my happiness was very short lived as the grammar was truly awful and the spelling was somehow even worse. I had hoped that it would be a class above all others because it appeared so professional but that is not what I received. I was gutted by the essay I received and will not be using this or any essay writing service again! I’m so annoyed about the fact I wasted so much time waiting for it to arrive and then having correct someone else’s work.

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